Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair

Chrome plated flat steel frame. Loose cushions filled with PU-foam on saddle leather straps. Coverings made of individually stitched and piped leather pieces.

Semianilin or aniline leather (+ 200 €)

Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 75 cm ( W x D x H )

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More about the Barcelona Chair

The name of the Barcelona Chair originates back to the world exhibition 1929 where two of the chairs with matching ottomans were set at the German pavillon. The Spanish royal couple was supposed to be seated there during the opening ceremony but as Mies van der Rohe remembered everyone remained standing as the ceremony fell short. 

Original quality by steelform - guaranteed for 10 years:

  • High quality spring steel, copper, nickel and 35 micron chrome plated 
  • Premium hand processed leather of European origin 
Barcelona PavillonOriginal Barcelona Chair
Barcelona Chair and Ottoman in a replica of the pavillon of the German 'Werkbund' that gave them their name. An original of the 1930s. Manufactured by Metallgewerbe Josef Müller in Berlin. This particular exemplary was auctioned off for 93.000 USD. 

Technical details

Even though the Barcelona Chairs appear very mechanical it is mostly manufactured by hand. It was conceived as seating for kings and remains a luxury object to this day - given that it is truly made as per the original design and from the best materials. 

It starts with the material for the frame since only spring steel give this chair its unrivalled swing just like Mies van der Rohe intended it and it ends with the upholstery of genuine premium leather. With this classic by steelform you can feel reassured about all details and we guarantee this for 10 years. 


Making a Barcelona ChairBarcelona Chair chrome plating
In this picture a raw frame is polished by a machine. In the following steps it is polished and then degreased and cleaned in acidic dips. This is followed by galvanic coating with copper, nickel and a 35 micron chrome plating. 

To avoid the labour intensive processing of spring steel today it is often replaced by stainless steel. Apart from the fact that tis material doesnt offer the same comfort it is likely that with low quality steel the frame bends over the course of time. 

Barcelona Sessel Leder ZuschnittBarcelona Chair buttons
The leather upholstery consists of 126 separate leather squares. Here you can see how they are cut out manually from the best skins of European cattle. Every detail, down to the buttons of the upholstery is individually manufactured by hand. 

Such effort always had its price. The first list by Metallgewerbe Josef Müller shows the MR90, as the Barcelona Chair was called then, priced at 520 Reichsmark. That at a time when Mies van der Rohe's annual compensation as director of the Bauhaus was 5000 Reichsmark. 

Compared to that this design classic by steelform is a steal!