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Our fine selection of designer lamps


The ambience of a room depends to a large extent on the right lighting concept. The smartest interior can only shine with good and suitable lamps. Depending on the position the source of light has to fulfil different purposes.

On one hand of course illumination creates the desired atmosphere. But, and not least, there is our desire to see properly without straining the eye. Just brightness alone doesn’t do the trick though. Particularly bright white light can even be uncomfortable and cold.

Thus when choosing a designer lamp we should not only decide for the lamp that looks best but the one that makes the rest of the room look best by the way it reflects, diffuses or concentrates the light


Designer lamps by Arne Jacobsen


A couple of design classics originate from the SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen entirely designed by Arne Jacobsen, amongst them two versions of the SAS lamp.

The AJ table lamp is not only a useful aide at the office desk but also a great reading lamp, be it in the bed room or the comfy reading corner.

The floor lamp is an upbeat accent everywhere in a room as a general light source or to draw attention to a particular spot.

Thanks to the adjustable shade both designer lamps are pleasingly versatile. The solid cast iron base guarantees stability.


Bauhaus designer lamps


The Wilhem Wagenfeld Bauhaus lamp is a different type of design classic, a prime example for Bauhaus design.

The glass version available with steelform plays with different levels of lucency. The opal glass shade is contrasting with the clear glass shaft and base while effortlessly taking care of the optimal diffusion of light.