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Eero Saarinen Tulip Dining Table Oval

Black or white marble top on cast aluminium base

199 x 121 x 70 cm ( W x D X H )

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More about the Tulip Oval Dining Table

Just like its smaller relative, the round Tulip Dining Table, the large oval Tulip Dining Table is a versatile design classic. Being one-legged is no handicap here but an advantage. The visual clarity of the monolithic shape not only adapts well to different settings it also offers flexibility with the number of people placed at the table as well as the seating arrangement since neither corners nor placement of the table legs need to be considered.

Original quality at steelform:

Not only the appearance of the Tulip table makes a great visual impact. Coming from steelform it's intrinsic values will convince you as well.

In order to ensure stability as well as durability of your table steelform never skimps on material nor the production process. The table base is, true to the original, cast aluminum and with marble and laminate you have the choice between two premium table tops. 

The marble tops feature an additional protective layer that prevent every drop of red wine from becoming a permananet reminder. This way you can enjoy your design classic for a very long time.    

  • Die cast aluminum base
  • Glossy coating for high scratch resistance
  • Sturdy marble top due to plastic sealing
  • Additional weight in the base for stability 

Eero Saarinen not only successfully cleaned up the slum of legs, as he called the regular four legs of a table. He also created a particularly charming design object, that encourages the exchange between everyone gathering at the table. Whether round or oval, the Tulip Dining Table inspires a modern version of the Round Table, be it in a private or a professional setting.


Saarinen Oval TableSaarinen Oval Table Office
A big table with plenty of room for guests and yet it doesn't crowd the room, rather floats in it. 

The Oval Dining Table is perfectly suited as a meeting table as well.

Despite its ample size the Tulip Dining Table indeed stands out but never dominates its surroundings. It can be easily combined with a multitude of designer chairs. The chairs from the Tulip collection itself are an obvious option.  

Saarinen Oval Table GartenfrontTulip Oval Table mit Bertoia
The Oval Dining Table in combination with delicate chairs is a very friendly and bright arrangement.Here the Oval Dining Table is paired with equally airy Wire Chairs by Harry Bertoia.