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Charles Eames Fiberglass Plastic Chair DSW

Single shell made of fiberglass. Beechwood rod base attached to the shell with rubber shock mounts. 
47 x 51,5 x 81,5 cm ( W x D x H )

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More about the Eames DSW Plastic Chair

The Plastic Chairs, or rather Fiberglass Chairs were another successful attempt by Charles and Ray Eames, following their plywood chairs, to design ergonomic chairs that are suited for mass production. A relevant aspect was the fabrication of a integral seat shell. In the process they made fiberglass reinforced plastic accessible to furniture production and the Plastic Chairs became and - 65 years after their introduction - still are a resounding success. 

A key factor are the different available base variations that give the uniform shell varying expressions and allow the Eames Plastic Chairs to integrate themselves comfortably into your interior design concept. 

The version presented here features a wooden base, well suited to create a soothing atmosphere or just add a homely touch without seeming glutted or outmoded. Even without any padding the ergonomic form makes this Eames Chair very comfortable.  

The different variations of Plastic Chairs allow wonderful combinations with each other or can be placed selectively by themselves.     

See an overview of the versions available with steelform: 

  • DAW: Dining Armchair with Wood base
  • DSW: Dining Side Chair with Wood base 
  • DAR: Dining Armchair with Rod base
  • DSR: Dining Side Chair with Rod base 
  • RAR: Rocking Armchair with Rod base

Original quality by steelform:

  • Shell made of glossy fiberglass instead of ABS plastic
  • Impeccably manufactured and neatly finished stainless steel/wood base 
  • Rubber shock mounts connect shell and base

steelform offers the DSW according to the original design from 1950 with the seat fabricated in fiberglass reinforced plastic. The individual components are produced and assembled with great care.  

Eames Plastic SitzschaleDAW Untergestell
Seat in glossy fiberglass; nowadays nonhazardous for daily useClose up of the complex stanless steel and ash wood base

The fiberglass reinforced plastic used today is harmless for our health. Unlike the fiberglass of the 50s that turned out to be potentially hazardous for health and environment. For many years the entire series was produced with ABS plastic until the industry was able to eliminate the risks and the material became useful for daily use again. 

Eames DSW Stühle im RaumEames DSW Stuhl im Heimbüro
Eames DSW Chairs in formation.......and at the work place